Borderlands 2 How To Boost/Level Up Fastest Method (2016)

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Borderlands 2 New Way To Do The Very Common Old Glitch That Was Patched In May
But This Glitch Shall Forever Stay

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

9 Replies to “Borderlands 2 How To Boost/Level Up Fastest Method (2016)”

  1. So many videos showing how to get there, something that's easily done without a single grenade, I need the equipment that lets me instantly kill him, tried today with just a standard infinity, took me like 1+ hours to get 1 level.

  2. Hey would mind helping me level up. I'm stuck in normal mode level 32. When I play true vault hunter mode or the dlc's it's crazy hard. PS3 ID: aloo_m69. Pls anyone 🙂

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